Thursday, September 08, 2005

Exciting Zodiac tidbit!

If you read the interview with Digital Domain's Ed Ulbrich you might have noticed that Ed Ulbrich looks a hell of a lot like a young David Hasselhoff (shudder) but if you read furthr you'd have also noticed that good old Ed gives an exciting idea of how Zodiac will be filmed and it is very exciting. Here is the excerpt:

WG: What about the use of live action?
EU: All this is not to say there won’t be live action, there will be. David Fincher is directing a feature film, “Zodiac” that is going to be very exciting. It’s going to be the first all digital movie- well, of course, there are the Star Wars sequels, but “Zodiac” will be the first in that it’s a live action story, a live action movie. People will watch that film without having any awareness, nor should they have any, of what went into it. Meanwhile, it is jammed packed with what I call digital production. There will entirely CG scenes in the film that no one will know because this is not about blowing things up, or aliens or stunts, it’s just storytelling. And so on that level I think it’s incredibly exciting as a project because it’s a new way of making movies. It’s a new way of making big movies for substantially less money. And when we start to see that, we’re going to watch that trickle through to all of us who make images.

Exciting isn it? Fincher definetly has some suprises in store for us. I'm not sure if this movie will be shot like Sin City - with a greenscreen or wether Fincher will infuse CG in lots of shots. Either way my anticipation has rise even further!

Link to interview


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