Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Some actor talks a bit bout Zodiac

Comedian Donal Logue talks to tvguide.com and mentions this about our most anticipated movie:
TVGuide.com: You're in the upcoming Nicolas Cage movie Ghostrider as well as David Fincher's next flick, Zodiac, about a serial killer. Isn't this material a little dark for a guy who's used to doing comedy?
Logue: Unfortunately, on Ghostrider we had a lot of fun and laughed our asses off, which is hard not to do, because Nic Cage is like Elvis in tight leathers. It was hard not to go to some ridiculous comic place between takes. What was different about Zodiac was that David Fincher is such a perfectionist that the folders we carried around on set as detectives held actual crime-scene photos from the Zodiac killings. That stuff is so sobering and so chilling that it's not hard to stay in character.


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