Thursday, February 23, 2006

Logue talks! The sequal

The big ranga (aussie for redhead) talks - and finally gives this blog some much needed content! From the the Movieweb site. Oh and Finch if your reading (and I know you are) can you please release the trailer already??

What about the character of Ken Narlow in the upcoming Zodiac movie directed by David Fincher? Is there one specific thing that you learned as an actor, that you think youll carry with you for the rest of your career, having worked with him?

David Fincher is a perfectionist and perhaps the smartest director (or I should say, the most intelligent and intellectual in a John Frankenheimer kind of way) that I have ever worked with. What is great about him is that he surrounds you with things, from the furniture you are sitting on, to the crime report in the folder in front of you, that is exactly like it would have been if you were actually back in the investigation itself. It is hard to describe, but if you open your prop briefcase and the crime photos are real- you just can't help but be the person you are supposed to be, in my case, Ken Narlow, the Sheriff in Napa who handled he Zodiac Lake Barryessa murders. He is a bit of a celluloid idol of mine and not to say that John Schlesinger, Mike Newell, Oliver Stone, Wim Wenders and terrence Malick aren't (and I loved working with them) there is something about David that is as amazing as those men artistically, but he also feels like your best friend from college in a way.


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