Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Small update to cast

Just a few kids roles. Lucky sons of guns - workin with the Finch.

  • Updated Cast!

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Zachary Sauers played Aaron Graysmith with his brother Micah. Zachary's phot can now be found on iMDB Pro.

    1:40 PM  
    Blogger tom waters said...

    Pink Panther,
    I know it's a long shot, but I'm exhaustively researching Fincher's life and work for a bio piece. It should run about 15-20 pages and, much like my bio paper on author Bret Easton Ellis, would be better if it were accompanied by an interview. If you know of any contact information on Fincher, I'll be more than happy to give you first crack at the finished article. I should be racking up the hits on your site quite a bit in the next few months. Great site! I can be contacted at I've also got a site, Big Words I Know By Heart ( if you'd like to check out the Ellis piece. Thank you for your time,
    Tom Waters

    1:28 PM  
    Blogger tom waters said...

    Pink Panther,
    I am SO sorry, but I accidentally deleted your email from my spam email folder. Please resend if/when you have the time. I've been reading Dark Eye by James Swallow this week and just finished reading Torso, which was fantastic. Did you know that Fincher had childhood memories of the Zodiac killer being in the area when he was younger? Swallow notes that he remembers the California Highway Patrol escorting his school bus as a child. Sorry to be such a bother,
    Tom Waters

    5:06 AM  

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