Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Stars from The Zodiac talk bout Zodiac

Confused? Stars of "The Zodiac" (that other Zodiac film getting rave reviews) talk about Finchers upcoming version.
From here, TV star Robin Tunney speaks:
Robin Tunney Did Not Know There Would Be Two Zodiac Killer Movies: “There was a story that there was another script. David Fincher was not attached. It had sort of been around. I think Mike Medavoy had it, who’s a very famous, old time producer. He hadn’t had a director for it, so it was sort of like, ‘Is it going to get made? Is it not?’ And, the script was really secret, so nobody knew. They were trying to find a director. David Fincher got attached to it, after we stopped shooting. They always decide to make the same movie at the same time.”
And another TV star Justin Chambers talks here:
Justin Chambers on the Upcoming David Fincher Zodiac Killer Movie: “I’m sure it’s going to be very good. I like his films. Somebody said that they’re going to have an ending, which doesn’t make sense to me. Like, they catch the killer. That’s what I heard. I don’t know if it’s true. Maybe it’s just speculation of what could have happened. It’s pretty scary, somebody who hides and sends letters. You don’t know who it is. Is he dead? Was he 18 when he committed these [murders]? He could be alive. Was he from the town?”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rave reviews? You must be reading different reviews than I am. I got the impression it was being universally panned.

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