Sunday, June 11, 2006

Zodiac release date pushed back.

Yep it's true folks. You might have read the comment left on my blog. If not here it is, from an anonymous poster (leave your name dude so I can give you credit!) :
Hi, I am not commenting on this topic but wanted to reach you with some news. The release date for Zodiac has been pushed back to January 17 2007. I post on a message board for Robert Downey jr and a fellow named Chet who worked on the movie posted there a few times. He posted today and said one of the big reasons for the delay is that Fincher is reshooting a scene with Robert and other key cast memebers. Filming will begin in 2 weeks. Just thought you would want to know this! take care Judy ps.. coming has the new release date listed already so this is the real deal.
And checking Zodiac's page on confirms this - so the date is 2007. While this is dissapointing I'd rather Fincher reshoots scenes that didn't work rather than release less than his best work. Another plus of this is that the movie doesn't have to compete with the release of the Black Dahlia (which opens in September). But this also means a delay for Benjamin Button which was to start shooting in October. What are everyone's thoughts? Can you wait longer or are you sick of Fincher's need for perfection?
PS - It was Judy (again). Appreciate your help (again)!


Anonymous judy said...

Hi again, Sorry I did not post my name at first. I just figured out how to do it. I sent you the info about the release date and my name is in the post. Anyway, I am honestly not surprised this has happened considering Finchers's perfectionist streak. I have read that he did as many as 80 retakes in one scene for Zodiac. I am hoping the movie can still be screened at the end of the year for awards consideration and then open wide in January. Someone on IMDB is posting that the filming of these reshoots could go until the end of July! he knows someone involved in the production. That is a long time but he is basing this on his knowledge of how expensive these reshoots are. Apparently this is the second reshoot coming up and he says it is very very expensive. He is only guessing the end of July but I would say to check back there and perhaps he will post updates. I want this movie to be as great as it can possibly be but you know at some point Fincher has to just stop reshooting and let the people see the finished project.

5:46 PM  
Anonymous judy said...

Hi, I have no idea how to post a new topic on your blog here but just wanted to let you know there are some early reviews of Zodiac up on AICN!! here is the link...this

6:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What does everyone think about the name change?I'm gutted myself.Chronicles just doesn't have the same ring to it.It sounds boring and why change it now?

Peed off!

3:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree.. chronicles is kinda lame.. especially with 'chronicles of narnia' and 'chronicles of riddick'...

4:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's back to Zodiac again.I'm so pleased.Hope it stays that way and i won't be peed off like

And you are right.Chronicles would of been confusing and everyone would just think Narnia?Hope Fincher leaves it this way.

I heard there might be a limited release Nov/Dec 2006 to qualify for the oscars and then wide release Jan 19th 2007.Don't know how true the limited release story is but i hope it's correct?

10:04 PM  
Blogger RC said...

is the movie going to be released in la/ny in time for oscar nomination potential?

--RC of

11:31 AM  

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