Thursday, April 20, 2006

Chloe speaks for the first time

In a piece on here from
“I don’t know why it has happened the way it has. Maybe it is because almost every movie that I have done I have been offered. I haven’t gotten a film on an audition. I have auditioned for many studio films but I just haven’t gotten the parts. There is a long line of blond girls before me, but I would like to be on that list one day because I think you can make great studio pictures in America if the director has control over the film. Having said that, my next film is a studio movie called Zodiac that is about the [San Francisco] killer. David Fincher is the director and Jake Gyllenhaal is the male lead, so it should do well. It is a small part, but it is my first real studio film and it has a director who has a strong vision. He makes films for studios but still sticks to his guns.”


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