Friday, March 31, 2006

Fantastic new article

Thanks to Anonymous for the email (seriously dude put ur name to it and ill gladly credit you) who has found a very information article which can be found here. Fincher actually talks about the movie. Other interesting ponts to emerge:
  • They have the release date as the 26th January 2007, not September 22nd 2006 as has been mentioned. They might have a better insight into this as they have spoken to Fincher and the crew. Plus we know Fincher is a perfectionist so he would take his sweet time to get the movie right. But has posted a date of the 10th November 2006 so we'll have to wait and see.
  • Fincher is really a gun toting maniac - "I'm so glad I don't have a rifle," he says, peering out through the blinds. "Because I would shoot those people." LOL!
  • Funny + perfectionist = Fincher!
  • The movie is a more character piece. From the article - "It is less about the killer than those who track him and can't let the story die. It's about people haunted by death. There's none of the stylistic pyrotechnics of Fight Club or Panic Room. If you need a tonal comparison, think All The President's Men. "The camera doesn't move. There's no bullshit. The characters are the story... The point of the movie is, 'What is justice?'" says Fincher, driving Total Film to the edit suite for an astonishingly early preview of sequences from Zodiac. "The movie begins, not unsalaciously, with some brutality to innocent people," he says, a fact confirmed by a horrifying scene we watch - while somewhat incongruously downing a takeaway and red wine - of a couple being bound and stabbed. "Then it becomes about, 'We have to find him, we have to find him...'"

There you go finally a great update and something for us Zodiac fans to sink our fangs into. Keep up the comments coming guys I enjoy getting them from you and please tell me how you found the site!

EDIT - the comment was from Judy (cheers!) and it appears that the article from the site is a UK one so that could be the UK release date (which probably also means the Australian release date). So for now lets assume that November 10, 2006 is the US date!


Anonymous judy said...

Hi, my name is Judy, I sent you the update this morning! glad you like it. I found your site just by googling up Zodiac and Fincher. Keep up the good work. This update that I sent you this morning was taken from a UK mag so I think the release date of Jan. would be when it would open in the UK. I think we can trust for the November date for the States. They are right 99 percent of the time!

7:09 PM  
Anonymous Mr. Brightside said...

i'm so excited to see this movie, Fincher's return to the genre he does best, this movie will blown critics away, like Seven did eleven years ago, who knows, maybe an oscar nomination for best director.

3:49 PM  
Anonymous judy said...

Hi, I found another article today on Hollywood Elsewhere. I don't know how to email here other than posting a comment. Is there a way to just send you new info when we find it? here is the link for today Friday April 7.. thanks..Judy again

6:51 PM  

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