Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Big Ass I'm Back Update!!

The release date (according to is January 19, 2007, though one of my readers has speculated that there might be a limited release Nov/Dec 2006 to qualify for the Oscars and then wide release Jan 19th 2007.
The first review of the test screenings are out and they are generally positive, keeping in mind the film is still a long way of being done. I personally love The Wire comparissons, I was addicted to that show!
Now on the name change - well like before it was a temporary change, I'm sure the movie will be temporarily named to The Cronichles and there will be fan out rage again only for it to return to being called the Zodiac.
A Robert Downey Jr. quote, one from this interview: "He's (Fincher) very tough on technique. If you're a technically-proficient actor, you're going to survive. If you're not, you're going to hate him. I love him!"
As for other Fincher news, as reported before here he is set to creat a FX show with the writer of M*A*S*H*. LOL! Sounds fun. Read about it here.
Well that's it for the update, not much has changed since my break, but as we get closer to the release date and the trailer there will be much more so stay tuned! Thanks for your support and for sticking with the site!


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