Thursday, July 13, 2006

Ezra talks - exclusive update!

From our fave Zodiac star (Ezra Buzzington, check my earlier posts and interview with him), he writes:
"Heyo,Update. Did some reshoots. FYI. The character was changed up a bit. He wanted to add a LOT more testimonials from a lot more actors so I was brought back in to talk about Zodiac again. As usual, great to see David. He was in fine form and the crew was genuinely pleased to be all back together. Now my guy is a guy with a stoooooopid plan to catch Zodiac. And I was thrilled to make the whole crew, David and Mark Ruffalo totally break up on camera. He rules. Take care,Zra"
"Quick update. Just wanted to let you know that as David was cutting the film together he decided that he needed far more Zodiac witness testimonials than he's originally thought. So he wrote up some stuff specifically for me (and several others) to reshoot. Dude. Just saying. Fincher writing something with me in mind. Ok. Can totally die now. It was shot quickly (wow!) and managed to make David, the crew and Mark Ruffalo totally break up. Me so thrilled.Thought you might want to know.CUEzra B."
There you go guys, straight from the horses mouth. Don't worry about the release date. This movie will be a killer, seriously.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great stuff.Did you work on the film?Do you have a character name or are you an extra?Either way,how brilliant.You are in Zodiac!!!

Did you meet a lot of the cast?

12:33 PM  

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