Saturday, September 23, 2006

Ezra on MySpace

Our fave ator in the world Ezra Buzzington has posted a few comments on his very own MySpace that shed more light on the film! Enjoy!
Ok. So, clearly, David Fincher just can't get enough of the Buzzington, man. Just back from reshoots on Zodiac. This time it was, like, 10 blocks from my house so that was totally sweet. The other stuff they shot of me was good (according to DF) but they decided to add a lot more informants so David wrote up something different for me cos the other stuff was stand alone. Anyway, my guy this time has a plan to catch Zodiac and, according to all the grips, gaffers and assorted crew members, I was hilarioooos. So, that rocks. And this time I got a shot of me and Mark Ruffalo. Again, great guy. Smart, funny and upbeat. As soon as I can figure out how to upload from my picture phone onto my computer, I'll post it. Till then, er.... rent his movies.Oh, and mine. Go rent mine too.Loving the Fincher...Zra

[On the release date] Somebody said today that we shouldn't even start looking for it till 2007. David moves reeeeeeally slow. ie: particular. But, since these were specific reshoots or shots he wanted inserted in the already cut film, I'm still hoping for early winter.
[On Mark Ruffalo] He totally ruled. We kept making each other laugh during the takes. Loves me some Mark Ruffalo.


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