Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Set Visit + Photo

Big shout outs to reader Iggy Romero who pointed out this fascinating article about the cams being used to film the movie. It does get a little technical but it is an enjoyable read (especially for us starved fans!). Geoff Boyle visited the set of Zodiac at this is an excerpt of what he had to report:

As Fincher said: “If you have a fucking clue and a passion, people will get out of your way because people want someone to follow.” Well, I think they’ll certainly be following him in the way he’s shooting Zodiac.
Fincher’s background at ILM in effects has to help, as does his desire to constantly push filming technology to its limits. From his use, with Darius Khonji, of bleach bypass for Se7en to create a dark and hostile environment, to his use of pre-visualisation, motion control and computer-generated images in Panic Room, he has always been at the edge of what is possible.
Now, with his approach to Zodiac, he goes one step further. The movie revolves around a serial killer known as ‘the Zodiac’ who operated in San Francisco during the late 1960s. Leaving several victims in his wake and taunting police with letters written to the San Francisco Chronicle and other newspapers, the Zodiac was never officially caught. The film tells the story of the killings, still one of San Francisco’s most infamous unsolved crimes, and of the four men whose lives and careers were built and destroyed around the hunt for the killer.
Mark Ruffalo plays Dave Toschi, the San Francisco detective who led the investigation, and Anthony Edwards plays his partner Bill Armstrong. Jake Gyllenhaal plays Robert Graysmith, a San Francisco Chronicle cartoonist and later author of two books about the Zodiac, on which the film was based. Robert Downey Jr plays journalist Paul Avery and Gary Oldman stars as Melvin Belli, a lawyer who was contacted by the Zodiac.
The movie has been shot as much as possible on original locations and uses the police officers and others involved as on-set advisors. When I visited the set, they were shooting a night scene where one of the victims is found in a car. Fincher was asking one of the officers who was actually on the scene of the real crime if they would be smoking at the crime scene or not. He was determined that it would be accurate.
“People will say, ‘there are a million ways to shoot a scene,’ but I don’t think so,” says Fincher, “I think there’re two, maybe. And the other one is wrong.”
Now read the rest yourself :P. More news soon!


Blogger John Kong said...

I love this site! I search everyday for more info about thisfilm. I don't know what'll happen when the trailer is released, I might go nuts, or just watch it 50 times a day. Anyway, this picture confuses me, is it two pictures in one? What's going on? And you gotta try and find out when the trailer is coming out! I really hope this film comes out in Decmber 06 though, not Jan 07.

3:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a good site but the comments never get answered by the owner of the blog.

7:13 PM  
Blogger pinkpanther1586 said...

There are no comments for me to answer! Lol. The picture in this entry of a tv studio - we are looking into it from behind a glass. You know the TV operating room - where the director orders everyone around and what shot to take etc.

So there you go!

2:09 AM  
Blogger John Kong said...

ohhh i thought so. that's funny because i was checking back to see if you'd reply and then anonymous also mentioned that. i really hope a trailer comes out soon!!! it's weird how there's so little info about this movie. mr.fincher really seems to keep a private life.

9:56 AM  

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