Saturday, September 02, 2006

Bijou Phillips out of the movie

Only found this out today, from IMDB's trivia pages on the Zodiac film:
The role of Linda Ferrin was initially played by Bijou Phillips. His scenes needed to be re-shot but Phillips was not available due scheduling conflicts, so the role went to Clea DuVall.
Well there you go folks, news is again trickling out slowly, but the trailer is done and awaiting release so stay tuned.


Anonymous natalie said...

Hey there- I just wanted to tell you what an awesome job you are doing on this site! I plan on giving you a little shout-out tomorrow on TKB. So many people are so excited about this film, and I totally appreciate the work you are doing to keep all of the info in one place!

2:04 PM  
Blogger pinkpanther1586 said...

Many thnx Nat! Keep checking on the site for updates bout the trailer!


5:00 AM  

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