Friday, October 13, 2006

Reviews - Spoilers!

Three reviews from AintItCoolNews. Two outsandingly positive and one very negative. Some of the higlights include:
  • Its easily the best film I've seen this year and will and should become an insant classic. Not only is it a great piece of filmmaking but easily one of the best films about an investigation I've ever seen.
  • The movie starts out with a killer opening involving two young lovers and the Zodiac who then taunts the police with a phone call to 911. He continues to threaten and taunt sending letters to newspapers including cryptic coding and cloth of victims blood. Brian Cox also pops up in the film in a very good role as Melvin Belli who tries to talk the killer into a meeting on live morning television. We jump back and forth between the detectives efforts and the two San Fransisco Chronicle workers and years go by.
  • Two montages have some great Fincher flare including one that follows the detectives with writing from the letters appearing on the walls and all over the place. The one that I enjoyed the most was a cut to black for a few minutes where all you hear is newscasters talking about events that have taken place over the course of a four year span with nothing on screen except the voices of actual newscast, now I don't know if they'll place documentary footage over this but God I hope not.
  • The movie unfolds very much like an “All the President’s Men” meets “Klute” mystery/thriller, as the police and reporters obsessively search for the identity of the Zodiac killer. The movie elicits plenty of genuine suspense from material that could easily have become either dry procedural or routine horror/thriller, though I wish there had been a stronger sense of subtext, drawing parallels between the existence of and hunt for the Zodiac and the political strife of the 70’s (Vietnam, Watergate, increasing public disillusionment with government), which would have made the film a deeper and darker experience more akin to “The Conversation,” “Se7en,” and “Fight Club.”

Have a read and tell me what you think people!


Anonymous Natalie said...

The first thing I noticed about the third review (and if he mentioned it, sorry- I didn't catch it) was his love of Fight Club, and no mention of Se7en. He bitches about the "lack of lush colors" and cop stuff... which, for me, was what I liked about Se7en- it is gritty with out looking like an MTV video, like some of Fight Club did. So, going on the last review, I think I will very much enjoy Zodiac for all the reasons the reviewer did not.

Also, can AICN ever review a movie without saying, "Its easily the best film I've seen this year and will and should become an insant classic."

1:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I stopped reading the third review half-way through because the guy was so negative and immature. The film is about the people trying to capture the Zodiac killer and the toll it took on their lives, hence the tagline, and the effect the killer had on San Fransisco. Why would anybody just want to line up and watch a repetitive bland thriller film about people getting killed in graphic ways and how scary it is, without any story and seeing the cause/effect? We're so lucky that we get Fincher to create an atmosphere film for us where it reaches down to all the little details and really creates this world that was happening at the time. We're going to get to see so many different sides of the story in this film. Unlike this guy, I actually enjoy dimensions to my movies. I'm so annoyed at that guy's review. The other ones were good though. I can't wait to see the aeriel view, and the zodiac markings on the wall effects. can tell from the third review that it isn't a bad film at all, this is someone who would just rather watch Boogeyman than something with substance.

2:08 PM  

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