Sunday, April 29, 2007

Big Thank You

Hello to all the loyal fans still taking the time out of your busy schedule to read this blog. For over 18 months I have (hopefully successfully) kept you up to date with all the latest Zodiac and Fincher news. Now this movie's journey is over I and all the fellow Fincher fanatics will move our attention to Benjamin Button. Bookmark the link to find me and the latest Fincher and BB news! This doesn't meanI will update this site as details of the DVD emerge and if any more juicy behinds the scenes info comes up like this article which explains how vital CGI was in constructing the environment of the movie. It's a must read!

I also want to use this opportunity to send a out a big thank you to the many contributors who helped make this blog what it. First of a big thanks to Ezra Buzzington and Mark Bernier for taking allowing me to interview them. It was an honour boys. I know you will have a very successful career in Hollywood but I want to wish all the best anyway. Hope your movie gets off the mark Mark (hope that makes sense)! Also a big shout out to the regular readers who kept me busy with a an onslaught of emails and handy links - to judy, iggy romero, davdi yeving, eltuco and anyone else I might have forgotten a sincere thanks! I look forward to seeing your input on the Benjamin Button site increase even more!

And of course to all the readers who checked back daily for updates - I'm glad you enjoyed the site and the movie!

Yours sincerely,


PS. I still haven't seen the Zodiac movie (angry face) - not out in Oz yet, by this rate BB will be out before I've seen Zodiac!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Calling all zodiac fans.

Author Robert Graysmith is answering fans questions via a Forum on the UK film promo site:

You can get to the forum by clicking the Telephone on the site homepage - post a question in the Ask A Question Forum Topic and you'll get your answer in due course.


4:58 AM  
Blogger Ranjit said...

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12:20 AM  
Anonymous Voyance et pr├ędictions said...

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