Friday, April 07, 2006

First script review!

OMG - many thanks to Judy again for pointing this out, been busy with work this week so this review is a real highlight. The script review can be found here, at the moment it is the headline story but in a few days/weeks it will be moved down so be prepared to search. Now on to the review by the guy with the Elvis hair. Highlights include:
  • Script is 150 pages, indicating a 3 hour movie!
  • Chief characters are Graysmith (Gyllenhaal) and Toschi (Ruffalo) who end up going nuts
  • Fan made Zodiac poster pops up - LOL!
  • The review believes the movies is a methapor for obsessivness - so no wonder Fincher chose it!
  • Don't expect a happy ending.
  • Robert Downey's and Anthony Edwards roles aren't as big as first thought.
  • The script elvis read didn't feature an appearance from attorney Melvin Belli - which Gary Oldman and Brian Cox have been attached to.

From tomorrow, every day I'll do a feature piece on an actor from Zodiac.

PS. Judy or anyone else if you have a need to contact me just write something in the comments box, it goes straight to my email.


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