Friday, December 15, 2006

More Zodiac tech stuff

I know some of you guys really get into the technical aspects of the film. If you do you are going to love the following article and if you don't well tough luck - go watch the trailer again to appreciate it!
This story details the history of the Viper cam and the unique cinematographic feel of the Zodiac film. Here's a quote:

"Hopefully Viper doesn't look like film and doesn't look like video," Fincher explained. "It has its own patina. It's appropriate for what I want to do with the movie.... It's about the cinematography. It has a beauty to it anchored in being a realistic image and appropriate to the story; I didn't want to make a beautiful movie, it wasn't that kind of a film."

The rest of the story is quite fascinating and also has a lil tidbit of info about Benjamin Button which is lensing as we speak.
That's all for now fellow Zodiac's!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Posted on IMDb:

"I work in a bookstore and ordered the movie edition in a while ago because I just wanted to have one with the movie cover. It finally came in yesterday. I was very very pleasantly surprised to find an 18 page new commentary at the end of the book by Graysmith. The title is "A Supplemental Report to the Reader on David Fincher's Zodiac". If you are at all interested in this movie or the Zodiac Killer or David Fincher or Jake or Robert Downey jr or any of the cast you should get this book. The commentary is fascinating. It begins in 2004 and goes through casting and has a lot of on set special reports. It ends with the movie being almost completed. You really get a wonderful inside look at Fincher and the cast. I cannot speak highly enough of it. I would love to scan it all for you to read as it has so much cool information but I can't do that. If you want to order it from your favorite book store here is the isbn....0425212189. It is just a regular size mass market paper back and is 7.99. It has the cool new movie poster cover and on the cover it says in caps.. With New Material on the Making of the Movie.

ps.. I am just checking the isbn at work again. There seems to be a problem with this. It has 2 isbns. One is the one I posted and one ends in 81. The one listed on Amazon also does not have the cover I have. Mine has the new movie poster.. the foggy bridge. Sorry this is so confusing but I do know that the fans of this movie will eat up the commentary."

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