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Another script review

This is an old review that I have just discovered. It is from a cool little blog called Strong Opinion. The review is glowingly positive. It seems to be of an older draft (3/25/05) and is 189 pages (which again indicates a 3 hour movie). Heres an excerpt from the excellent review:

The script is tailor made for Fincher’s style. In particular, an early scene which follows a letter and our lead character in one long, super-tricky shot. But this is not just a trip down familiar territory for Fincher. He’s been handed some of the best sequences of his career. Incredible to read, I can’t imagine how Fincher plans to film some of these tasty bits (which is why I didn’t mind reading the script.)There’s a shooting where pages of dreadful suspense lead to a slowed down description of the numerous gunshots. Another murder contains the warning “Dear God, we’re actually going to have to watch this.” Which brings me to another reason why I love Fincher. He makes thrillers for Adults and doesn’t pull punches to get a wider audience.
Sounds great doesn't it, I urge you to check out the rest of the review it really will get you re-excited for the movie. Which brings me to this question. We all have questioned the choice of James Vanderbilt as screenwriter but the reviews so far have him hitting the ball out of the park on this one. So is it a case of a good writing finally revealing his true self or is it a case of the material being so good and vast that any Hollywood hack could make this interesting? Your thoughts as always are welcome and encouraged!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, this is great to see this blog! I am a Fincher fan, but more importantly, I am a huge Jake Gyllenhaal fan! I saw this review of the script at this site and it seems that this could be an amazing movie and a brilliant part for Jake. Any info on Jake's performance now that filming is done?

This quote from the article gave me great hope for his performance:

"Graysmith is the best part Gyllenhaal has ever had, and I'm including Jack Twist in this equation. If he does it right he'll generate a lot of heat for himself, and I can't see how he wouldn't.

Graysmith is a very strongly written guy with a lot of struggle and frustration inside, and the pressure on him just builds and builds. The coup de grace comes at the end when Graysmith delivers a spellbinding 12-page oratory that ties up all the loose ends. (I was reminded of Simon Oakland's this-is-what-actually-happened speech at the end of Psycho.)"



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Also, here is a nice article on the babies who will be seen as Jake G.'s kid in the movie! Although the article got some info wrong, now the movie comes out November 10th and I believe it is back to being called Zodiac. Anyway, poor Jake got peed on, lol. Sounds like he has a sweet scene holding his child....awww. Here is a sweet quote:

They also can be seen in a new movie, “Chronicles,” which comes out in September and features Jake Gyllenhaal.

In a scene, Gyllenhaal rocks a baby and hushes her to sleep.

According to Marsha, Kiley peed on Jake in real life. The twins had to wear cloth diapers, a common practice during the time period of the movie.

But Gyllenhaal didn’t complain.

“He was so nice,” Marsha said. “He was really good with them.”


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Third post, lol. I just looked through your archives and saw your post from February with Jake "complaining" about David Fincher. First off that website, ContactMusic is basically a gossip site that twists real articles and interviews to make them seem worse than they are. I have read those comments by Jake in other interviews and he wasn't complaining just talking about Fincher's style. ContactMusic did something similar to Jake and Heath Ledger regarding Ang Lee on "Brokeback Mountain" saying they hated working with Ang, etc. That was not true at all. They were talking about Ang not being very effusive with praise on the set. Very different situation. I wouldn't rely on ContactMusic for honest commentary.


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Cheers for the messages Rachel - can u send me that link in the second comment box?

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Hi there! Here is the second link

also, hope you got a chance to read the first link. Here it is:


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