Monday, March 05, 2007

Box Office Results + link dumps!

After what seems like an eternity for most Fincher fans the movie was released over the weekend to an overwhemingly positive reaction. Unfortunately that didn't result in a big box office weekend. Zodiac was well beaten by the "comedy" Wild Hogs - grossing $13,100,00 in 2,362 theatres. This puts it on track for a domestic total of $50 million. There's also the overseas box office to remember so all in all the movie should be in the black even before the DVD comes out! I will keep you updated on Zodiac's box office performance as the weeks go on.
In an interview with MTV's Kurt Loder Fincher had this to say about his plans after Benjamin Button:

Loder: You obviously have an affinity for the serial-killer genre. I'd imagine you don't want to make a career of it, but you are considering making a film version of "Torso," aren't you?
Fincher: I'm interested in that. I'm not interested in the serial killer thing, I'm interested in Eliot Ness. I'm interested in the de-mythologizing of Eliot Ness. Because, you know, "The Untouchables" was only two or three years of the Eliot Ness story. There's a whole other, much more sinister downside to it. And so that's of interest to me. We want to make it the "Citizen Kane" of cop movies. I also want to make a CG animated movie. And I've been talking about doing a remake of a movie I really liked in the '70s, "The Reincarnation of Peter Proud." Ever see that? And there's a World War II movie that Robert Towne is writing that I really love. All kinds of stuff. [How cool would all of those be! - Davor]

Check out this cool little tribute blog to Fincher in celebration of the Zodiac's realese - its a great page to waste alot of time on and it shows newbies Fincher's long and celebrated career in the commercial and video clip worlds

Fincher Esquire interview in an easier format.
Also another great discovery thanks to my loyal blog readers - check out this website based on a documentary called Hunting the Zodiac - which explores the lengths amatuer detectives have gone to try and solve the case by themselves!
Also I'd love to give a shout out to my man Mark Bernier - seems as he didn't make the final cut of the movie which is a shame but I'm sure he will appear on the DVD! Plus the future looks very bright for Mark with a directorial debut to appear in the future if all pans! We love you Mark!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Fan Review Thread!

Thumbs up or down? Yay or nay? Classic or a flop? Fascinating or boring?

This is the thread where you can tell us all about your thoughts about the film - be brutally honest and of course warn other bloggers about potential spoilers!
UPDATE - Don't be shy guys - thousands of people read this blog every day and I know most of you have seen the film - so tell us what you think!

Box Office + Zodiac 101

Will Fincher & Co. be laughing all the way to the bank come this weekend?

With the movie about to open its time for all of us to make a final prediction regarding the box office. According to Box Office Mojo Zodiac is opening to 2,362 screens which is well below Wild Hogs - opening to 3,287 screens. The big disadvantage Zodiac has up against is its long running time, which means it will play fewer times than Wild Hogs and that fact that it is rated R limits its overall appeal. And in the world where movies such as Ghost Rider and Norbit dominate we can only hope that the cream rises to the top. Having said that I think Zodiac will be the number 2 movie on the weekend and that it will gross around $15 million. With the movies excellent reviews and word of mouth it could gross $70 millions overall and I'm predicting it to be a success overseas - like most of Fincher's previous work - so $80 million overseas. We'll know the details in a few days!

For those of you who know little about the case and just want to know a little before you hit the cinema step right up to Zodiac101 - the class which shows you the most important aspects and personalities of the case. Your assignment is to watch the video below!


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