Friday, March 31, 2006

Fantastic new article

Thanks to Anonymous for the email (seriously dude put ur name to it and ill gladly credit you) who has found a very information article which can be found here. Fincher actually talks about the movie. Other interesting ponts to emerge:
  • They have the release date as the 26th January 2007, not September 22nd 2006 as has been mentioned. They might have a better insight into this as they have spoken to Fincher and the crew. Plus we know Fincher is a perfectionist so he would take his sweet time to get the movie right. But has posted a date of the 10th November 2006 so we'll have to wait and see.
  • Fincher is really a gun toting maniac - "I'm so glad I don't have a rifle," he says, peering out through the blinds. "Because I would shoot those people." LOL!
  • Funny + perfectionist = Fincher!
  • The movie is a more character piece. From the article - "It is less about the killer than those who track him and can't let the story die. It's about people haunted by death. There's none of the stylistic pyrotechnics of Fight Club or Panic Room. If you need a tonal comparison, think All The President's Men. "The camera doesn't move. There's no bullshit. The characters are the story... The point of the movie is, 'What is justice?'" says Fincher, driving Total Film to the edit suite for an astonishingly early preview of sequences from Zodiac. "The movie begins, not unsalaciously, with some brutality to innocent people," he says, a fact confirmed by a horrifying scene we watch - while somewhat incongruously downing a takeaway and red wine - of a couple being bound and stabbed. "Then it becomes about, 'We have to find him, we have to find him...'"

There you go finally a great update and something for us Zodiac fans to sink our fangs into. Keep up the comments coming guys I enjoy getting them from you and please tell me how you found the site!

EDIT - the comment was from Judy (cheers!) and it appears that the article from the site is a UK one so that could be the UK release date (which probably also means the Australian release date). So for now lets assume that November 10, 2006 is the US date!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Slow news month.

Nothing new to report guys. I was browsing thru IMDB and saw that they recently updated the Zodiac cast. One of Fincher's fave cameo actors is schedule to make a cameo in Zodiac. The actors is (drumroll please) Richmond Arquette! The good Arquette! You may remember him from such roles as Delivery Man of Gwynehts head in Se7en and the Intern in Fight Club (some of weirdos may remember him as the Gynecologist in The Big Empty but you are just plain weirdos). So you know that his role in Zodiac is going to be one to remember. Let's all salute Richie Boy (his new nick name) with the only pic of his circulating on the net.

PS. Keep the comments up guys and feel free to link the site! Adios!

Friday, March 17, 2006

First sign of Zodiac marketing

From the great Aintitcoolnews website. Quint recently went along to ShoWest and gives us Fincher fans a first glimp of the font/graphic design used for the movie. Oh theres also Jake and Mark having a lover's tiff in the background.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Stars from The Zodiac talk bout Zodiac

Confused? Stars of "The Zodiac" (that other Zodiac film getting rave reviews) talk about Finchers upcoming version.
From here, TV star Robin Tunney speaks:
Robin Tunney Did Not Know There Would Be Two Zodiac Killer Movies: “There was a story that there was another script. David Fincher was not attached. It had sort of been around. I think Mike Medavoy had it, who’s a very famous, old time producer. He hadn’t had a director for it, so it was sort of like, ‘Is it going to get made? Is it not?’ And, the script was really secret, so nobody knew. They were trying to find a director. David Fincher got attached to it, after we stopped shooting. They always decide to make the same movie at the same time.”
And another TV star Justin Chambers talks here:
Justin Chambers on the Upcoming David Fincher Zodiac Killer Movie: “I’m sure it’s going to be very good. I like his films. Somebody said that they’re going to have an ending, which doesn’t make sense to me. Like, they catch the killer. That’s what I heard. I don’t know if it’s true. Maybe it’s just speculation of what could have happened. It’s pretty scary, somebody who hides and sends letters. You don’t know who it is. Is he dead? Was he 18 when he committed these [murders]? He could be alive. Was he from the town?”

Friday, March 10, 2006

Whoa! An article about the "other" Zodiac film

But our movie is mentioned of course. From an article found here. Some of the highlights:

If he dreads the competition from Fincher's flick, he's not sharing.

"I'm a big fan of David Fincher's and I wish that project the best," he says. "It goes to show how much interest there is in this subject matter."

While Fincher's "Zodiac" budget reportedly hovers around $80 million, Bulkley's came in at $1 million. That doesn't go very far when you're trying to re-create another era, he says.

So he's a fan, you think he reads this blog? If your out there Alex please contact us!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

LOL! The "other" Zodiac movie

Fincher you were so slow that someone else has made a Zodiac film in the meantime. Check out this website to see what a D list production looks like. But seriously folks it will be interesting to check out how bad this film in future years to Finchys version. Well poke around the site and get a feel for the case if you haven't done so already. The only real worthy news from this is that it appears Phillip Baker Hall is in this version. Oh well we have Anthony Edwards!!!! Take that cheap independent production!
Thats all for today folks!

Sunday, March 05, 2006


Cmon look at this, the new rocky movie has a teaser already out and all weve gotten from Zodiac is 3 bloody pics!!!!!!!!!

I call on Fincher to stop doing 2003 takes of a door knob and wrap the thing already!!!

OK had to get that out!

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