Sunday, June 11, 2006

Zodiac release date pushed back.

Yep it's true folks. You might have read the comment left on my blog. If not here it is, from an anonymous poster (leave your name dude so I can give you credit!) :
Hi, I am not commenting on this topic but wanted to reach you with some news. The release date for Zodiac has been pushed back to January 17 2007. I post on a message board for Robert Downey jr and a fellow named Chet who worked on the movie posted there a few times. He posted today and said one of the big reasons for the delay is that Fincher is reshooting a scene with Robert and other key cast memebers. Filming will begin in 2 weeks. Just thought you would want to know this! take care Judy ps.. coming has the new release date listed already so this is the real deal.
And checking Zodiac's page on confirms this - so the date is 2007. While this is dissapointing I'd rather Fincher reshoots scenes that didn't work rather than release less than his best work. Another plus of this is that the movie doesn't have to compete with the release of the Black Dahlia (which opens in September). But this also means a delay for Benjamin Button which was to start shooting in October. What are everyone's thoughts? Can you wait longer or are you sick of Fincher's need for perfection?
PS - It was Judy (again). Appreciate your help (again)!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Another Fincher could have been

Fight Club the musical? Yes according to Chuck Palahniuk in this interview:
Is it true that there's been talk of a "Fight Club" musical?

Twentieth Century Fox had asked David Fincher to take that on, and David asked Trent Reznor to do the music; he even asked Brad Pitt if he would do live theater. We all verbally signed on to do it, but that was two years ago, and we haven't heard anything.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Fincher - coming to a TV screen near you!

Thats right you heard it here first. He's going to guest star in an upcoming episode of Courtney Cox's new show - the drama "Dirt". As reported on Reuters:
Landgraf noted that some of the supporting roles in "Dirt" will be recast. Although the story lines traffic in celebrities, they will be of the fictional variety, but there will be some exceptions: Director David Fincher ("Fight Club") makes a cameo in the pilot as himself.
The Dirt can be seen on FX in the US in early 2007 - let's hope someone YouTube's Fincher's appearance then.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Off Topic - Fincher was going to direct what?

From's visit to the Pathfinder set directed by Marcus Nispel:

Q: So the Vikings will be speaking Icelandic, and the Indians and Karl?
Nispel: They speak English so we know what's going on. Again, in the original version, I didn't want any dialect, I don't even want Icelandic, it was just like very internal, and most likely by all means, weird. But what it did do is you set out and you write it completely visual. You can turn the sound off on this movie and know completely what is going on, and then later it's just like the cherry on the icing, we actually get to hear a little bit and not feel completely detached to the characters. But visually you can plug along and turn the sound off. That was actually one of the main things I wanted to do, which I couldn't have done with any other movie. I know David Fincher once, I have heard this story from several people, they offered him Air Force One, and he went into the meeting and said, "You know I'm different than other directors" and he said, "I want to do the whole movie without any dialogue" and the producers were telling the story laughing, like "How crazy is that" and I go "He's a genius" because you know there's no reason why Harrison Ford has to talk to the subtitled Russians, and I don't remember anything worthwhile knowing from what the Russians were saying. You know he's down there in the boat and they're up there and he strikes from there, "First Blood" again, it gets you back to that. When I saw that when I was a kid, I went like, "Well that's a great B-movie, but it's also true cinema to me."
"Get off my plane" - said thru facial expressions only.

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