Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Se7en prequel? WTF?!!!

And I thought the Gladiator prequel was the worst piece of news I've ever heard. But this takes the cake - actually this was rumoured a while (it might be even on the site archives if I'm not mistaken) but this seems like a serious attempt to make the prequel! YES YOU HEARD ME A PREQUEL TO ONE OF THE GREATEST MOVIES OF ALL TIME - SE7EN!!!! ARE THESE PEOPLE MAD?

Bloody-Disgusting reports that New Line is handing out a treatment to potential writers entitled Virtue. The horror website claims that the movie would be released and marketed as "it's own entity, but when the finale comes to light we are hit with a revelation that we're watching the next Se7en film." This is officially the scariest Halloween on record! If the site reports any script reviews as promised I'll report it back to you!
David Fincher in the past talked about a sequel/prequel:

"I read a script two or three years ago that they wanted to make the sequel to Se7en. It didn't make a lot of sense to me. They wanted Morgan to have become clairvoyant in some way and that was the way he was now solving serial-killer cases!And I was like, 'Well, that's handy!' Its the kind of high concept you worry about. So I dont know that there is going to be a sequel. I do know that they have to call me if they're going to do it..."

This movie was going to be called 10en (refering to the 10 Commandments)! If you really need another Se7en fix I suggest you read the comic published. Better entertainment than this piece of trash movie would provide.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Zodiac screenings in two weeks!?

No way you say! Well if you listen to Elvis look alike (and Fincher lunatic) Jeffery Wells that is the case. He claims Zodiac might be rushed into a few theatres after it is completely finished on the 11th of November. Now before you shoot me down in flames lets keep this in mind:
  • the movie is apparently creating alot of Oscar buzz so a limited release to make the movie eligble is possible
  • movie studios have known to screen a movie in 1 or 2 theatres well before their official release date in order to be eligble, this also includes screening rough cuts of movies!
  • if you've been keeping up to date with the latest Benjamin Button news (and why wouldn't you?) you would know that the movie is slated to start shooting mid/early November, now this would not be possible if Zodiac wasn't in the can, not even god like Fincher can juggle two uncompleted movies at once!

So based on the above points I'm not going to rule out the possibility Zodiac might be screening in 2 weeks. If anything is shown you know where to find the latest news!

Oh and much love to the various Jake G. fan sites and forums who frequent my page! We'll get the trailer soon enough!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Mark Bernier on the set of the film!

Our new favourite actor has taken time out from his busy schedule to give us an all access areas look at the making of the Zodiac film. Here's what Mark Bernier had to write about his experiences on the set of the film:

You’d asked for more, well I’ve searched my memory bank and it is now officially empty. I’d like to start with a couple guys who were the nicest I’ve had the pleasure to meet and work with. Their names were Paul and Bill. Paul and Bill were the 2 guys who were doing Background work on the film and I believe had been with the shoot for quite awhile and often were asked to sit in for Adam Trese/Det 1 and myself, when we were “turning around”, or re-setting for a new shot etc. They were 2 of the coolest and always had something good to say. Thanks Paul and Bill, I wish for you both continued success.

On or about January 4th 2006, I was asked to the office of the casting director, Laray Mayfield. Strangely enough, her office was across the street from my first digs in Hollywood, when I’d first gotten to town in July 2001, a motor lodge called the Hollywood Downtowner. (I don’t know why it’s called the Downtowner, it’s actually in east Hollywood. “Downtown” Hollywood, come to think of it… I don’t think there really is a Downtown. Enough already, back to auditioning for Ms Mayfield. I had wanted to meet her since I'd arrived in town, so here was my shot. Lucky me. She was very cool and welcoming and she had me read both roles, which she put on tape. Then I promptly “forgot” that I’d even been there. It’s the best policy, if you ask me. Let it go. If the “role has your name on it”, then you’re getting the job. If not, there ain’t nothing you’re going to do to change that. So a couple weeks go by and I get the call from my rep. I actually said “what film?” I always figure that if I don’t hear something by the following day, then “game over”. It’s just the way I handle it. So getting called direct from my initial read was extremely groovy. (Do people still say

They offer me one day and we’ll shoot early in Feb. Then within a week it changed to 2 days in early Feb. I thought wow, “If I sit still long enough, maybe I will get “hit by that bus”.

I reported to set/location my first day, the corner of 4th and Spring. I checked in with Alison Troy, one of the AD’s. She watched out for me everyday thereafter. We’re both from New England, so perhaps there was a “connection”. She’d always ask me if I wanted to get something from catering and then she’d take me into Hair and Make-up. Speaking of which, those guys were the “stuff”. Felicity Bowring took care of my make-up, Trish Almeida, Lauren Upshaw and Kelvin Trahan took care of my hair, or rather “the lack thereof”. Kind of funny, that with my ever increasingly receding hairline, that I had 3 people taking care of my pate. "Less is more".

A couple of the other guys that were the “best” to be around were Sally Sue Beisel, another 2nd AD and Casey Storm, the costumer. Sally Sue was, I believe the one who came to me after my first day and told me that David would like to see more of me. (Thanks again Sally Sue)Casey’s eye for wardrobe and his attention to detail are incredible. He chose the best “threads” for me to wear. (There was this one shirt…I put it back. I put it back…)

I want to make mention too of Harris Savides/Cinematographer and that before seeing him work (Zodiac) he has been one of my favorite cinematographers, especially since his work on the Turturro film; Illuminata. That film is so rich and full; that I can just imagine what his “eye” will have brought us on Zodiac. Yiassou Kirios Savides! Sto Kalo! Bravo! (Strange though it is, I speak Greek and can’t help but to always find the Greeks in every town I’ve ever been in, this one just happens to be one of the masters)

You want to know about the food? If I told you, you’d want to punch me in the mouth.

Oh yeah and Adam Trese Det 1, besides being naturally funny. His “Walken” impersonation is beyond reproach and unparalleled. I know there are “others” out there who do Walken, but no one and I mean no one does Walken like Trese. Period. (Adam, I’m still rehearsing it, but once you’ve heard the master,…)

Besides the “name” actors whom you already know, I was privileged to watch the work of a couple of guys during part of one of the days; Geoff Callan as patrolman Zelms and Peter Quataroli as patrolman Fouke. This was some work. “Right in the pocket”.

That this would be the last set I would call my Dad from(he died a month and a half later). I'd call him, he was in the hospital and I'd tell him what was going on. He'd say; "Oh yeah, I like that guy, he was on..." or "Yes, I saw him in a picture last month." He knew all the actors and knew David's work as well. I called him, the very first day, right after I'd gotten out of hair and make-up and they'd put these 60's-70's style "sideburns" on me and it reminded me of him, when he was going to the company back then and he'd grown the exact same sideburns. He laughed and said something typically New England. (wicked smaaaart ass) I hope he was proud.

Again it is without reservation I will state that I was “over the moon” when I went to the audition. I was “jazzed” beyond belief to have gotten the job and totally out of my mind with joy and gratitude to have been asked to remain for those additional days, to being made to feel fully a part of the cast by Mark, Tony, Dermot and David. That from the moment I’d wrapped, till about a month after, I found myself still “intoxicated” from all that I’d experienced. Simply, the bonus was and is, that I'd been invited to “the table”. This was confirmation that “I was home”.

mark bernier

Whoa - what an insight! Once again I'd like to thank Mark for taking precious time to write this out. It gives us a real life look at what an every day actor goes through on set. Mark has been very humble throughout the process and I thank him for this, he has asked not to be called a star and remained very humble - if only more Hollywood folk were like this. All the best Mark and we hope to see you on the big screen come January when the movie is released!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Interview with a Zodiac actor!

Yes another exclusive. It's my great pleasure to introduce Mark Bernier! Now to the interview!

How did you get into this acting gig?
"I missed the last two questions on the Brain Surgeon's Final and that left me no choice" Actually, if you're asking me about "How'd I get into acting?" Well and I'm not speaking for anyone else, but there was something which drove me to this art form from a very early age and I've (with the exception of a 15 year hiatus)been doing this pretty much my entire life. Specifically if you're asking(and I think you are)about the gig on David Fincher's Zodiac, I got called in to read for 2 roles. Det 1 and Det 2. I ended up as Det 2. (oh shoot, I now see the question below regarding Zodiac. Sorry I'm going much too fast. I'll slow down... How's that?)

Where would have fans seen you before?
The French Cafe at the corner of Colfax and Riverside in Valley Village. Daily. Oh, Film or TV or Theatre? Of course what am I thinking? You may have seen me in Homicide: Life on the Street on NBC, a Guest Star role. I played the bartender, Ray Davis, who the cops come to to question regarding a certain patron of my bar and in the end I end up fingering the killer. John Waters' film Cecil B. DeMented. I played an Studio Exec at a luncheon for the Maryland Film Commision. Alyssa Witt comes up to me and points a gun in my face, I say "It wasn't my idea. I'm just the Vice President of Creative Affairs!!!" Then Melanie Griffith points a gun at me and says "BAD MOVIES MUST BE AVENGED!!!" to which I say, "NO! PLEASE DON"T SHOOT ME, I DON'T EVEN GO TO THE MOVIES!!!" But she shoots me anyway. Then Cold Case for CBS as Albert Miller the "flasher"(yeah, you got it...never the guy next door...ma...never the guy next door)LAS VEGAS, as the nosy neighbor(ok,...the nosy guy next door)and most recently the Book Shop Owner in Zurich on ALIAS. Actually I was a Spy. Conduit if you will. But the Big One was as Roy Cohn in Angels in America, Parts I&II at AXIS Theatre in Baltimore 1998 a 10 week run. Those I guess would've been the most likely bits of work people may have seen.

Career higlight?
David Fincher's Zodiac and my film with Jennifer Fontaine, Ralph Kaechele and Regi Davis directing The Last Time We Were...we garnerd a Silver Remi at WorldFest/Houston and we didn't even know we had screened!!!

Career lowlight?
How could I possibly have "lowlights". I don't have enough hair left for "lowlights". My mum and dad dying. They'd get such a kick when I'd call them from my trailer on set. I miss them terribly.

How did the Zodiac role come about?
OK. Now you want the rub on this film. Yes. I'd just returned from vacation back to LA and had a call to see the CSTG Dir for this "little" David Fincher film, which at the time was titled "CHRONICLES". I was up for 2 roles. Det 1 and Det 2. I know. I know. But you know what, you never know. You just have to go and do the work. Never concern yourself with the "size" of the role. how many lines. blah blah blah. It's of no consequence. Things can change when you get in the room. Things can change when you're shooting. One is shortchanging themselves if they only go to the call when it looks "good" for them. Furthermore, we are all here to serve the story, in this case David Fincher's story. I can only hope that I've done just that, what David asked of me. This is not hyperbole(my new word. i use it every chance i get). At the end of the day, the frame will never lie. One cannot cheat it, or phone it in and when you're working with one of the Masters(read: Fincher)trust me when I tell you, he never misses "anything" and his work bares this out. So what I'm getting at is this; you've got a "minor" role, but the role is not that minor, because you "deliver" and what you've just delivered completes the picture and it's full and a living, breathing organism. At the end of my first day (and also it should be noted, that everyone and I do mean everyone were absolutely no nonsense about the work and nice to be around. I can't say enough about Mark Ruffalo, Anthony Edwards and Dermot Mulroney and the actor who plays Det 1, Adam Trese. I had an incredible time working with all of them in front of the lens, as well as of course how gracious David was the entire time and his 1st AD Bob Wagner. What gentlemen. What pros!) One of the AD's came up to me at my trailer(my cubby...)after we'd wrapped the first day and said that David wanted to know my "availability"...I think I heard my heart stop. I wanted to make certain that I'd heard her correctly. She repeated. (Slower this time) I said of course I'm available. (No i did not say that i had to ck with my agent...yeah, right)She said that David would like to see more of me in his film and that he'd give me more to do and or say and that he'd be needing me for approximately another 7 days. Truly, I was stunned. And just as she'd said, David true to his word, had me improvise lines and action over the course of those 7 days. I (think anyway)had some very nice moments with Mark Ruffalo. What can I tell you past that? If what I said (additionally) makes his final cut, then that will have really been something. If not, I still did the work. I remained in the "moment" and I served the story. This I do know, from what I witnessed over the course of 8 days, is that David Fincher and Co including his longtime producing partner (who was also very cool to talk to between takes) will have delivered one fine film.

Impressions of the movie/script from what you've seen?
See above for my last comment and as far as the script went. I never saw a complete script. I believe it was on "lockdown". I saw and read the sides for each day as they were delivered to me. The extra bonus for me though, was being able to sit behind David(not right behind)when I was "off" and watch him work and watch "the work". I was there at every chance and watched every single set-up and shot that I could. I got a Master class! It just doesn't get any better than that.

Whats next on your plate?
Thank God, my plate is pretty full. I've finished my first feature script entitled Glass Houses, starring Sal Viscuso, Austin Pendleton, Irwin Keyes, Peter Spellos, Jennifer Fontaine, Regi Davis, Elizabeth J. Martin, Dave Mattey, Roz Cohn and myself. I will direct as well. It's a story,...well you'll have to read it. Again, not the "guy" next door. Jennifer Fontaine and I are producing this with our two companies; Scorpio Rising Films and Jackie Frost Films and we've assembled a great team including Ralph Kaechele, who DP'd our last film as well. If interested, you can find the "media package" and if there's "someone" out there who wants to talk further, then please email me and we'll take it from there. Yes, we're looking for the "dough".

Role models - on screen & off screen.
Austin Pendleton, because even when it "appears" as if he's in a minor role, he still "brings it" with the one or two lines he's been given. Example: Searching for Bobby Fischer. Austin has one line and one line only. "I could have won a pawn."(the entire essence of that film is wrapped up in his one line.) I have many people whose work I love to watch, too many to mention. But one comes to mind as well. Ezra Buzzington. Ever hear of him. This guy "brings it every time too!" Hey Ezra! Hope to do this thing with you one day soon. "Off the screen"? Is there such a thing? Yes and if you meet me at the corner of Colfax and Riverside at Marie et Cie, I'll gladly shoot the breeze with you about things other than the "business". mB

Your career asspirations are?
You asking me for the next "interview" expose from my next film. Seriously.

Any advice for aspiring actors or anyone trying to break into the industry?
Sure. Here it is. If you're doing this. Then do it. Leave yourself no "exit" strategy. If you do, you are certainly doomed and will most definitely use it. My mantra; "They're gonna have to kill me first." I also want to thank the owner of this board for inviting me to the "table". It has been an honour and an extreme pleasure and I am very grateful.
Hope you enjoyed that as much as me Zodiac fans! Stay tuned for more of Mark's exploits and experiences on set soon! Thanks again for the pleasure Mark!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Reviews - Spoilers!

Three reviews from AintItCoolNews. Two outsandingly positive and one very negative. Some of the higlights include:
  • Its easily the best film I've seen this year and will and should become an insant classic. Not only is it a great piece of filmmaking but easily one of the best films about an investigation I've ever seen.
  • The movie starts out with a killer opening involving two young lovers and the Zodiac who then taunts the police with a phone call to 911. He continues to threaten and taunt sending letters to newspapers including cryptic coding and cloth of victims blood. Brian Cox also pops up in the film in a very good role as Melvin Belli who tries to talk the killer into a meeting on live morning television. We jump back and forth between the detectives efforts and the two San Fransisco Chronicle workers and years go by.
  • Two montages have some great Fincher flare including one that follows the detectives with writing from the letters appearing on the walls and all over the place. The one that I enjoyed the most was a cut to black for a few minutes where all you hear is newscasters talking about events that have taken place over the course of a four year span with nothing on screen except the voices of actual newscast, now I don't know if they'll place documentary footage over this but God I hope not.
  • The movie unfolds very much like an “All the President’s Men” meets “Klute” mystery/thriller, as the police and reporters obsessively search for the identity of the Zodiac killer. The movie elicits plenty of genuine suspense from material that could easily have become either dry procedural or routine horror/thriller, though I wish there had been a stronger sense of subtext, drawing parallels between the existence of and hunt for the Zodiac and the political strife of the 70’s (Vietnam, Watergate, increasing public disillusionment with government), which would have made the film a deeper and darker experience more akin to “The Conversation,” “Se7en,” and “Fight Club.”

Have a read and tell me what you think people!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

OMFG - The Final Poster

I love the people who visit this site and give me the links while I work at my office job. To all the fans - I salute you! And present to you the final version of the poster!.

How frigin good is that??? Start frothing at your mouths now. Also JoBlo reports the movie will come out January 17, 2007 in the US. With the release of the poster the wait just got a whole lot longer!

Oh and cause I love you - another set pic!

Friday, October 06, 2006

No trailer but...

Well I think it's safe to say that the Zodiac trailer won't be appearing along with the Departed - we would have seen it pop up online already. So that's 2 false trailer starts, hopefully the next rumour mill pans out true! But I still urge everyone to see the Departed - no excuses there guys.

Well for the good news - we finally have some marketing and the first billboard! Love the logo, love the shot, love the atmosphere. You can just imagine Fincher's camera panning in to the Golden Gate Bridge slowlt and moving into a wide pan of the city's skyline. AHHH - I'm already there.
Finally R. Lee Ermey who played the Police Captain in Se7en blasts Fincher in this interview:

After working on Seven, you called David Fincher "a little chicken
shit." I'm assuming you guys aren't discussing a second project?

As far as I'm concerned, if a director won't even listen to an actor, that's a black mark. Fincher stuck to the script even when actors came up with ideas that were 10 times better. One of the most important aspects of acting is bringing something to the fucking table. And most actors don't. They just show up, the director says, "Action," they say the words the writer has written, and, for them, that's good enough. But it's never good enough for me. That's what made Stanley Kubrick. If anyone had any idea, he wanted to hear it. If you saw Full Metal Jacket as it was written, you would understand what I'm saying.

My thoughts? Good on Fincher! He stuck true to an amazing script from day one and turned out an amazing movie. If Mr Emrey has such good ideas about character development lets see how many scripts he's written? None! Case closed. Thanks to Spanish lovegod Iggy Romero who provides this excerpt from the latest Premier magazine about Fincher's focus.

"During production, Fincher displayed his usual perfectionism, at one point doing 15 takes of Ruffalo, as detective David Toschi, handling a photo in a file. Downey, Jr. says that Fincher afforded him some leeway, 'but even that looseness was down a very, very thin road, because he's a director who holds the entirety of the action, the meaning, and the theme of the movie between those
ears at all times."

Really amazing - such an intense man. Hopefully we see the fruit of his labours soon!
Oh and a cool new feature of the site, the official Zodiac/Fincher Amazon website - for all your Zodiac killer and David Fincher products. Great prices, shipped directly to you!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Zodiac teaser poster

Well it's not real - but I'll be damned if it doesn't look might sexy!!! Posted by itzandt on the IMDB boards. Hope the actual marketing people can muster up something half as cool as this!

Very Se7enish isn't it? Picture link.
That trailer can't come out soon enough!

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