Tuesday, April 25, 2006

First mini look at the flim - VIDEO PEOPLE!

It's not the trailer unforunately but we get quite a few looks at the film. So yes Brian Cox is in the film not Gary Oldman plus we also get to see Fincher speak directly on camera which is a first for me - I'm just used to hearing his deep low pitched voice on DVD commentaries.
They mention that the movie is in post production so we should be seeing a trailer very soon!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Chloe speaks for the first time

In a piece on here from straight.com:
“I don’t know why it has happened the way it has. Maybe it is because almost every movie that I have done I have been offered. I haven’t gotten a film on an audition. I have auditioned for many studio films but I just haven’t gotten the parts. There is a long line of blond girls before me, but I would like to be on that list one day because I think you can make great studio pictures in America if the director has control over the film. Having said that, my next film is a studio movie called Zodiac that is about the [San Francisco] killer. David Fincher is the director and Jake Gyllenhaal is the male lead, so it should do well. It is a small part, but it is my first real studio film and it has a director who has a strong vision. He makes films for studios but still sticks to his guns.”

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Zodiac twins - spooooookkky

Thanks to Rachel for poping this in the comments box. Zodiac related excerpts from some website:
They also can be seen in a new movie, “Chronicles,” which comes out in September and features Jake Gyllenhaal.In a scene, Gyllenhaal rocks a baby and hushes her to sleep.According to Marsha, Kiley peed on Jake in real life. The twins had to wear cloth diapers, a common practice during the time period of the movie.But Gyllenhaal didn’t complain.“He was so nice,” Marsha said. “He was really good with them.”
Keep the links and comments coming guys, more profiles soon - I promise.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Another script review

This is an old review that I have just discovered. It is from a cool little blog called Strong Opinion. The review is glowingly positive. It seems to be of an older draft (3/25/05) and is 189 pages (which again indicates a 3 hour movie). Heres an excerpt from the excellent review:

The script is tailor made for Fincher’s style. In particular, an early scene which follows a letter and our lead character in one long, super-tricky shot. But this is not just a trip down familiar territory for Fincher. He’s been handed some of the best sequences of his career. Incredible to read, I can’t imagine how Fincher plans to film some of these tasty bits (which is why I didn’t mind reading the script.)There’s a shooting where pages of dreadful suspense lead to a slowed down description of the numerous gunshots. Another murder contains the warning “Dear God, we’re actually going to have to watch this.” Which brings me to another reason why I love Fincher. He makes thrillers for Adults and doesn’t pull punches to get a wider audience.
Sounds great doesn't it, I urge you to check out the rest of the review it really will get you re-excited for the movie. Which brings me to this question. We all have questioned the choice of James Vanderbilt as screenwriter but the reviews so far have him hitting the ball out of the park on this one. So is it a case of a good writing finally revealing his true self or is it a case of the material being so good and vast that any Hollywood hack could make this interesting? Your thoughts as always are welcome and encouraged!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Logue talks ... again!

He just can't shut up. From the always cool Suicide Girls website he talks. This is the Zodiac bit:
DRE: Do you have a small part in Zodiac like everyone else in Hollywood or do you have a bigger part?
Logue: I think I have a smaller part. It’s more of Jake Gyllenhaal and Robert Downey Jr’s movie and it seems fantastic. [David] Fincher likes to do a hundred takes and I was watching Mark Ruffalo and Downey go at it. I thought, “man this is cool.” Both those guys are such fantastic actors, it's just fun to be around. It's fun to just sit back and enjoy the work. It's not really a job. The only job part of it is showing up at five and being on time. The rest is all gravy.
Maybe I'll do an actor spotlight profile on him tomorrow.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Edwards talks Zodiac

I know I promised you guys an actor profile every day but my work experience + me looking for other work has deprived me of time, a few days and ill start it back up again but for today we finally have Anthony Edwards talking about Zodiac:
Working with "a great filmmaker like David Fincher" was an offer far too good to resist, says Anthony Edwards, who recently completed work on Fincher's "Zodiac" feature -- about the hunt for San Francisco's infamous Zodiac serial killer. "Mark Ruffalo and I play the detectives, and Jake Gyllenhaal and Robert Downey Jr. play the reporters," adds Edwards. "It's like a great novel in the way that the story builds by going back and forth between their two different worlds."

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Today's actor profile - Ezra Buzzington!

The man, the myth, the legend - the one and only Ezra Buzzington! All you Fincher fans will best remember Ezra from his appearance as the car inspector from hell in Fight Club but he has also made appearances in such movies as Magnolia, Me, Myself & Irene, Ghost World, Secretary and of course the upcoming Zodiac and Christopher Nolan's The Prestige, his TV work includes The Jaime Foxx Show, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Buffy The Vampire Slayer.
On the set of Fight Club with the bearded one.
This is what Ezra had to say about filming the Zodiac with Fincher:
There. I said it. And I'm not taking it back. And neither, if I don't miss my guess, will anyone argue with me. Being on set with David was like coming home for Thanksgiving. I was called early in the day to the downtown location. I found my trailer and kicked back. I'd brought with me 3 books, 5 magazines, the OUTTA SYNC rough cut and the entire first season DVD of "Drawn Together" because I knew I'd be sitting around awhile. It's Fincher. He's the most precise director I've ever met. He knows exactly what he wants and he doesn't stop until he gets it. So. Eleven hours later I'm called to set. Not kidding. They have me in these 1970's style shoes that have a slight "wedgie" kind of thing going on. I'm wandering around a bit waiting for the 2nd 2nd AD to take me to set and don't see the pothole directly in front of me. Bam! I'm on the ground clutching my ankle. Which probably shouldn't really look like that, I'm thinking. On set medic, 2nd 2nd, wardrobe (it was their shoes, after all) suddenly surround me. "Are you ok?", "Should we bandage it?", "Want a drink?", etc. Very hurried, worried and busy. All I cared about was getting to set. I'd be damned if I let anything get in the way of my working with David again. And that night. So, I hobble to set and they plunk me down in my on set chair. When I'm called for my scene, David sees the limp. "Hurt yourself there, Ezra?" He shouts. "Nah, David." I tell him. "It's just a cry for attention!" He laughs and we get into the scene. MARK RUFFALO is interviewing people who think they have clues to help find the Zodiac serial killer. My guy is very nervous and jumpy. (David called him the "Chihuahua guy".) He's convinced he knows who the killer is and believes that the Zodiac is out to get him. David let us play with text. And, man, am I glad. The best stuff often comes from riffing. My line : "Get your cock outta my Chrysler, you son of a bitch!" to JIM CARREY in ME, MYSELF AND IRENE was a total adlib. The best directors know that if you have a good improv artist to work with, the script will only be improved. You can't have "improved" without "improv", I like to say. Or, at least, I'll start saying it since I just made it up. See, I write too. ZODIAC looks to be terrifying. Gee. No shit. FINCHER meets the ZODIAC. A perfect marriage. Made in hell.
This is Jack's living nightmare.
For more info about Ezra visit his official web site and MySpace page.

Friday, April 07, 2006

First script review!

OMG - many thanks to Judy again for pointing this out, been busy with work this week so this review is a real highlight. The script review can be found here, at the moment it is the headline story but in a few days/weeks it will be moved down so be prepared to search. Now on to the review by the guy with the Elvis hair. Highlights include:
  • Script is 150 pages, indicating a 3 hour movie!
  • Chief characters are Graysmith (Gyllenhaal) and Toschi (Ruffalo) who end up going nuts
  • Fan made Zodiac poster pops up - LOL!
  • The review believes the movies is a methapor for obsessivness - so no wonder Fincher chose it!
  • Don't expect a happy ending.
  • Robert Downey's and Anthony Edwards roles aren't as big as first thought.
  • The script elvis read didn't feature an appearance from attorney Melvin Belli - which Gary Oldman and Brian Cox have been attached to.

From tomorrow, every day I'll do a feature piece on an actor from Zodiac.

PS. Judy or anyone else if you have a need to contact me just write something in the comments box, it goes straight to my email.


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