Saturday, January 27, 2007

New Zodiac TV Spot

Fresh of the cutting room floor is the first 30 second TV spot from Zodiac - with trademark Fincher cinematography and editing. Tell me what you think and also if you see it pop up on the tube or the net anywhere near you. Big cheers to the anon blogger who gave this link!
March 2nd feels like a life time away!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

HD & Zodiac

Thanks to Jamie Stuart for the heads up on this article about the development and future of HD - definetly raises some very interesting questions. Its very tech as most of the articles are but there is enough Zodiac info there to keep you interested. It's finally good to hear some praise about one of the best cinematographers out there - Harris Savides, while all the attention has been going to the new camera being used Mr Savides has been left out the limelight. Which is a shame in my opinion because with this new technology it would be easy to sub standard work, but Mr Savides has once again out done himself as we saw on the trailer! Bring on March I say!
PS. Link is fixed - thanks guys!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Zodiac Tech gets techier

Now this is really interesting. Check out the "workflow" for all the cameras and how the Zodiac movie was saved to computer. The beauty of this article is the pictures which really simply things and an MP3 interview with editor Angus Wall and tech exper Andreas Wacker.
I hope everyone get an appreciation of what the people behind the scenes have to do in order to make a movie. There is no easy job in Hollywood!
Thanks to Angus for providing this info (no relation to the Angus Wall I assume!).

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Zodiac on YouTube

Check out this cool fan made Zodiac short film

I like it - creepy and full of atmosphere. Tell me what you think guys.
And in other news Variety reports our good friend Mark Bernier is underway in the "pre-production" for his Glass Houses film. Mark will direct and has written the script. Having gotten my hands on the script I can't speak highly enough of it - it's great to see aspiring artists putting out quality work and not putting out crappy horror and genre films. But Mark & the crew need financing/underwriting from either a Studio, Production Co., or private monies raised through and from investors, be they foreign or domestic, or both to get the film rolling. If you feel passionate about "good" films or are looking to get your foot in the Hollywood production door this is the perfect opportunity - please email me at and I will put you in the touch with the right people.

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