Monday, December 25, 2006

Few new pics

Merry Xmas everyone - hope everyone had a happy and safe festive season!
Don't worry Zodiac fans Santa hasn't left you alone - he's got a few goodies for you.
First off - 2 new Zodiac stills! I think Downey Jr. is going to be setting quite a few fashion trends for the next season!
Also check out this cool fan made Zodiac poster - looks sweet. Now I do love the current poster they are using with the picture of the bridge but I do wish the marketers would do something like this with the Zodiac lettering. Maybe Fincher thinks if he did so he would be repeating himself from Se7en - but I just think it would be damn cool and make a hell of a wallpaper.
And finally here's is that book supplement that a few of you guys mentioned in the comments, from the new version of the Zodiac book - NOW THIS IS A MUST READ!
Also guys check the Benjamin Button page - soon to undergo a makeover with plenty of news streaming in every week!

Friday, December 15, 2006

More Zodiac tech stuff

I know some of you guys really get into the technical aspects of the film. If you do you are going to love the following article and if you don't well tough luck - go watch the trailer again to appreciate it!
This story details the history of the Viper cam and the unique cinematographic feel of the Zodiac film. Here's a quote:

"Hopefully Viper doesn't look like film and doesn't look like video," Fincher explained. "It has its own patina. It's appropriate for what I want to do with the movie.... It's about the cinematography. It has a beauty to it anchored in being a realistic image and appropriate to the story; I didn't want to make a beautiful movie, it wasn't that kind of a film."

The rest of the story is quite fascinating and also has a lil tidbit of info about Benjamin Button which is lensing as we speak.
That's all for now fellow Zodiac's!

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